Bangladesh Onion Price Today (Last Update)

Bangladesh Onion Price Today (Last Update). With the recent increasing trend of the price of onion, Onion Price in Bangladesh Today soared to record mark. It has been seen that there is a continuous rise in onion prices in the kitchen markets all over the country. But the sad thing is that there is no legitimate reason for the price hiking of this product. Concerned bodies and general consumers are saying that the crisis was created artificially by the importers and dishonest businessmen.

Bangladesh Onion Price Today

Bangladesh Onion Price Today

The deficiency has been created in the market with an artificial supply shortage of onion by a group of people to accomplish their wishes by practicing unfair means. People of all professions in the country are suffering a lot as onion price is increasing every day. The worst thing is that still there is no sign of improvement in the price of this daily necessary item. That is why people are becoming so much frustrated and the tension is high for poor consumers.

Why there is an Increasing Trend in Bangladesh Onion Price Today

The reasons for price hiking of onion are not yet clear to consumers and concerned bodies. The government and the respective bodies are saying that there is no shortage of onion in the country and onion is being imported on a priority basis. They are confused about why the onion price in Bangladesh is rising every day. But the truth is that there is no control over the price hike of the onion by the authoritative body right now.

On the other hand, a large number of people are blaming the dishonest importers, unethical businessmen, stockpiling of the onion by a group of dishonest people, failure of government’s checking, etc. for the price hiking of onion right now in our country.  If the respective authority cannot control the price soon, then the situation will be worst as Bangladesh Onion Price Today reached a record level.

Onion Price in Bangladesh

The government has now started to import onions from Turkey, Pakistan, and Egypt until the new production of onion locally to improve the situation and control the price. The situation was so worst that the government has decided to import onion itself for the first time. If everything goes smoothly, the onion price is more likely to drop soon. Besides, as aware consumers, everyone should consume less onion until the situation comes under control. To know Bangladesh Onion Price Today, you can keep an eye here every day.


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